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The first couple of chapters are extremely intriguing and thought-provoking. Rose really leaves us in a lot of suspense. There are also some excellent descriptions.

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The ending was extremely unpredictable, especially the closing sentence. To tell the truth, this book terrified me. I think if a book can actually scare you it is really something special. I would definitely recommend this to both boys and girls, aged ten and over. When Eve Perry, a controversial biologist who has made brand new bacteria from scratch, is killed in a road accident right in front of them, Karl and Finn find themselves in possession of her lab notebook.

But the three men chasing them seem desperate to get their own hands on it. The boys discover that the notes contain top-secret research into creating the new life form. Initially developed to reduce pollution and global warming, the bacteria can also be used as a highly dangerous biological weapon. Karl and Finn are plunged into a nightmare which spins rapidly out of control and the notebook holds the key. But who can they trust with it? The book is admirably wide in scope, exploring the implications to modern religion, to morality and the study of science and the need for an intrinsic set of ethics as part of that.

The novel packs an uncompromising, and for many of its characters, an unforgiving emotional punch and is a potent reminder that scientific intelligence can only be utilised responsively by those with emotional intelligence. Control of the weather could provide battlespace dominance to a degree never before imaged. It could become a more important weapon than the nuclear bomb. When his dad died in suspicious circumstances, Jake was just a child. It is a great story, told convincingly and without sentiment.

He finds refuge in the wood at the very heart of the mystery. Will the wood give up its dark secret or is Dillon being drawn into a trap? The fullness of the achievement for the modernists is that they renewed interest in multiculturalism, multilingualism, and, perhaps of greater importance, they treated translations not in a strict sense of the word but instead saw a translation as the creation of an original work. Citing Pound's first seven cantos, Wilson dubbed the writing "unsatisfactory".

Stranger Than Paradise

Bondy continued on as Elder Price until Creel returned from London later in the summer of Which man will be the next to take a starring role in the franchise? Black Sun Press , Paris. He revived interest in the Confucian classics and introduced the west to classical Japanese poetry and drama. Retrieved February 25,. It was a well written story that grabs your attention right from the beginning.

A brilliant horror read. Cassie is scarred for life — her face mutilated horribly by an acid bomb thrown by a terrorist. There are lots of parts that keep you on the edge of your seat, and not sure what is going to happen.

Having said that, the main characters, Cassie and Wayne, get such a battering you truly feel sorry for them. His latest is no exception, intertwining questions of medical ethics, politics and religion. A powerful storyline which pulls no punches despite its youthful intended audience, Transplant would provide a wealth of discussion points for PSHE at Key Stage 3 and 4. Straight away, it grasped my attention and I read it in one 4-hour sitting. Rose has excelled himself. A fantastic read. The terrorist idea is so believable and the face transplant so unusual … lots of twists and cliff-hangers … found it hard to put down … definitely kept me on the edge of my seat … felt as if you were there with the characters.

Patrick Finch wants to clone a human being. But Maynard knows that if he alters the future, he could sacrifice his place in it. This book is a stark warning about striving for perfection in a flawed world.

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Malcolm Rose paints a bleak yet horribly feasible vision of the future. Clone poses the reader many questions and gives no easy answers. Instead, you get an exciting story that sweeps you away and makes you think at the same time. The boy was perfect. At least he was perfect on the outside. Inside, he had one twisted gene that Tristan had hoped his company would be able to correct. One day soon, though, it could be used to kill him.

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Bloodline explores the complexities of the ethical problems facing people connected with genetic research. Written in an accessible and direct style, Bloodline should appeal to teenagers both as a taut thriller and an engaging book that introduces some issues worthy of deep consideration. Controversial issues are presented in an accessible way and although the plot is complex its drama and suspense will keep readers of 14 and upwards fully involved. It is a roller-coaster ride against time and it spreads its net slowly, drawing in everyone from the President of the United States to an innocent black teenager dying in a hospital in Britain.

Rose moves the plot forward at breakneck speed, never allowing the reader to pause for breath. Bloodline is a novel that will open your eyes and send chills down your spine. In hospital a man lies dying in the most horrific, unimaginable way. Attacked by a virus, he is leaking blood. The town is sealed off.

Rev, Lucy and Scott are trapped in the barbed-wire ghetto as the body count rises. Where did the plague come from and what — or who — can stop it?

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But as teenagers, Rev, Lucy and Scott while away the summer, an invisible enemy is heading their way. Soon the town is in the grip of a deadly virus that causes its victims to haemorrhage to death. This is not the most literary of novels, but it is a compulsive page turner that would grip even the most reluctant reader.

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Connor and me and him Man Made Paradise. It even succeeds in making viral science seem sexy, which is no mean feat.

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The narrative is interspersed with worrying factual sections on diseases, viruses, human and animal parasites and their habits which will have you washing very carefully long after the book is finished. But, a real page-turner with some sensible points to make about class prejudice, animal experimentation and animal rights activists.

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This is a truly unputdownable thriller. This is a fascinating and well-researched novel full of intriguing scientific detail and provocative social comment. But its graphic descriptions of the illness make it one to avoid for the faint hearted. One of the better attempts at evoking the world and life of rock musicians. I chose Seb Flude as a voice for writing about friendship, family, loyalty, love and music because he had it all and he loses it all. Seb and his band, Sail, hear about an international arms deal that could lead to thousands of death and, incensed, they vow to fight it.

Part topical thriller, part love story, part behind-the-scenes tale of rock music, this is a pacy, page-turning tall story with a sharp edge of truth. Seb tells his own story, and his chaotic character is warm and amusing, while having to deal with a lot of heavy and sinister events. Joel is an outcast. As a young boy, he suffered a disease so rare and alarming that no one understood it and everyone feared it.

Then he meets Pat.