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That's Baphomet? Thief, The Things to Come? Unloved Visitors, The Walking Dead? Warning, The Wassup? What A Shame! What About Me? Where Did They Go? Where's Your Name? Who is He? Whether it was the power of light or darkness, is lost to time. It is believed the monk was sentenced to death after he broke his vows. In desperation, the monk allegedly turned to the Devil for help.

Play slideshow. No, this was not some smutty book, but it was so romantic, just that alone lit a fire sometimes sex can't though I wish they just fricken got it on already. And I also loved how bloody childish Devlin could be, and how sweetly single-minded Midnight was when it came to protecting Devlin again, weird switch in dominance. Mhmm damn. After writing this review and gushing about all the awesome things about it.

I'm starting to rethink my 4. Hmm maybe I'll edit after rereading it. Anyway, all in all, with everything in consideration, this was a damn good book. Definitely recommended for those who enjoy this genre! Also, did anyone spot the wonderful little connective tidbit? He smelled like magic, or so Devlin had always secretly thought — bitter and sweet, rich and sharp, like copper and roses tangled together. Replay: He smelled like magic Anyone know someone else who could taste magic on a certain Demon Lord by the name of Sable Brennus?

Okay, so it's not exactly the same sense being used, but who cares? Taste, smell, whatever. What an exciting connection!! What an awesome connection! I feel so stupidly excited. View all 4 comments. I was thoroughly engaged with all characters and smitten with the MCs, despite Devlin's surliness. Adjusting my rating to 4.

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I'm in the minority here but I didn't care for this book very much. I will likely go back and finish it up but it nonetheless doesn't bode well for me. I usually read a series in one straight shot from start to finish. Deviation is unusual. But I digress Midnight is the tale of Devlin White, Duke of Winterbourne, the last in a long line of powerful witches who assist the Demon Lord of London in keeping control of the nightwalkers living amongst the normals.

Devlin is infatuated with?

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Devlin saved Midnight when he was a small child from being a draugr and has sinced raised him as his own. Midnight - who is neither dead nor alive - is an anomaly produced by Devlin's magic and the mojo of a powerful necromancer. I enjoyed Midnight, Barra, Neirin, and Ceadda. I especially liked Troyes! Barra and Neirin's and Troyes??? I dunno. Devlin was okay but aggravating at times. His skewed paradigm sometimes rendered such illogical decisions.

His stubbornness was absolutely frustrating. In the end, though, the problem I had with this book was that it moved as slow as molasses.

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I didn't really feel the chemistry between Devlin and Midnight. Their romance came off as one step beyond platonic and the "sex" scenes were dull IMHO. Bottom line: My least favorite book in the series. Midnight touch his chest with his own hand. I loved those words Gosh , this book has lingered in my thoughts for days Because Wow I'm finding this series is just magical.. I really enjoyed this book and all it's quirks and twists and turns.

Devlin is a fabulous character - strong, brave and closed-off but at the same time almost transparent in some of his feelings. Midnight just made me smile in every scene - the way he spoke, the mischievous way he teased and taunted Devlin, the sadness he felt when his "heartbeat" was missing.

The way he was reborn was truly beautiful. Lovely plot and details. I'd recommend it. Oct 30, F. Loved it! Can't wait to read more. Would like to know more of Neirin and Troyes world. Couldn't believe how quickly the ending came for Silas and that he didn't know that he would be vulnerable at that point. The whole thing is just so spectacular, each book has characters that are fantastically well drawn, and the universe is delightfully full.

I even ended up liking this one more this time. Enough that I'm upping my rating from four stars to five. Some Favorite Quotes: "Misbehavior suits me ever so much better, do you not agree? When faced with the unexpected, a man can choose to bemoan his fate and do nothing, or accept it and forge the new path offered. This book, on the other hand, never made that claim, and has to be one of the most deliciously atmospheric books ever! Much of that is to do with Midnight, the title character, who describes himself as a living corpse, but is really so much more.

Midnight was saved by Devlin, and their relationship is what drives much of the book. The book starts from Devlin's PoV and we go with him as he begins an investigation into reports of draugr. He's told Midnight to stay home so he'll be safe, but Midnight can sense how much it pains Devlin to be away from him, so he disobeys and comes to help in the investigation.

Was This Giant Book Written By The Devil?

The second half of the book is from Midnight's PoV.