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Thank you to everyone for your support. Every single thought, prayer, wish and donation for Gabby is making such a difference. They want to convey their gratitude for everyone who has reached out and helped them in their time of need. Donations 0. Samantha Swartz. Jeffrey Dzamko. Freda Callahan. Grace Lee. Fundraising team: Team Gabby 5.

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Frank Goodwin. Lisa Susanne Goodwin. Jenna Lucas. Taylor MiChelle Hollingsworth. Frank Shane Goodwin. Report fundraiser. Orientation materials! Okay, here we go. Gabby: Jeremy, do you see that mantle over there? My whole life, my mom and sister have been doing these great things and getting all these awards. But me? I've always just been the family screw-up. But this babysitting job is my chance to do something great, too. Principal Principal Swift is trusting me with one of the most important jobs in the galaxy, and I am not about to make him think I can't do it.

Now, let's do the responsible thing and go steal some breath mints. Principal Swift: Abdominal thrust! Abdominal thrust! Now, it's very important to always wear a hat. Gabby: No, you're right. Let's just go home and let you explode! C'mon, trust me! I'm a wizard! Jeremy: We're here to steal my uncle's breath mints, so I don't explode.

I'm Jeremy, by the way. I'm an ali.. Gabby: Sorry, bud. Couldn't let you hear that last part. Okay, now we just need a distraction so we can get those min-- condor screeches Gabby: How would you feel about eating some dead bird? Principal Swift: And one more abdominal thrust! Now, that brings us to our next issue: my automobile is currently covered in duct tape.

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Can anyone give me a ride home? I knew this day would come!


Well, come at me! Now, no one panic!

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I will establish dominance! I'm the boss! I'm the boss here! Principal Swift: Ka-kaw! Jeremy: No mints. You know, I'm starting to think you might not be a very good babysitter. Principal Swift: Gabby, what are you-- coughs heroic music playing [ Gabby runs to the principal and hits him, making him spit out the mint and come out shot, and Jeremy catches it with his mouth. I caught food in my mouth!

Jeremy: That, too! Principal Swift: What you two did today was completely reckless and could have easily resulted in Jeremy's explosion.


However, it did not. And you did display remarkable poise and ingenuity in an emergency situation, which should probably count for something.

Lee Carey (Author of GabbyAll About Me)

Principal Swift: Well, given the circumstances, I think it's fair to let you off with a stern warning, provided nothing like this ever And you, Jeremy. That aerial attack was If you could convince me you were one of those winged abominations, perhaps I've understimated you. Gabby: And maybe to make up for that, you two could pick up some drive-thru on the way home?

Gabby: Also, I can borrow some of your trash? I sort of did something to a friend of mine and need to make it up to him. Wesley groaning Wesley: What happened? I was right! I figure we can put it on the mantle downstairs. Dina: sighs I know. It's just that Principal Swift told me what a great job you did babysitting for him. And I'm sorry I've been so hard on you lately.

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I know this whole moving thing hasn't been easy. There is a group of adult aliens with their children. Android Boy: Hi! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Dina: I'm gonna need you to watch your sister for a couple hours today, okay? Olivia: But this isn't an emergency. Gabby: The fact that you even have to ask that tells that me we do. Get climbin'. Are you watching me? Gabby: Of course I am. Gabby: Mom, it's been three weeks, and we moved eight states away.

They moved on. Dina: They have not moved on. Olivia: And Mom was offered an on-air position for Local 6. Dina: I'm on mugs now! Gabby: Wow, that does actually make me feel better. Dina: Really? Man over P. Gabby : I'm getting kicked out of school. Gabby: Yup.