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Josephina McCrea returns to her Utah family ranch after her parents are killed in a plane crash and her brother injured in a mountain climbing accident, leaving him in a coma.

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Upon arriving at the ranch, she is met with adversity in many forms. She finds an ally in Jacob Rainthorn, her former teenage lover, but as the mystery develops, so does their passion for one another. Can they find love together once again or will the secrets they each hold from the other cause even more pain than they are able to handle? Find out in this mystery romance that is filled with suspense, drama, danger, and passion for the reader who loves all of these beautiful things wrapped up in one energetic and enticing novel. Due to a family tragedy Josie has to return to a place which meant nothing, but tragedy in her life, home.

Hello, Mr. Morgan, she smiled, shaking his hand politely. I remember you. You were childhood friends with Jackson. As I recall, you, Jackson, and Jacob were always getting into some kind of mischief, Josephina commented dryly. She had tried to forget her childhood on the ranch, but as she stood there the memories slammed into her, and she found herself irritated by them.

We were childhood friends and have remained friends all these years. I do have to admit that we did give our folks some fits from time to time, Steve laughed as the memory of his childhood antics. Josephina watched Steve as he fought to gather his thoughts. He looked as though he had something to say, but he only stood there with a strange look on his face, fiddling with his hat.

Josephina not being a patient woman decided to press on. I was just wondering what you wanted us to do, he shifted his feet nervously while rubbing the brim of his hat between his fingers. I have cattle and horses to prepare for the auction, and the Rodeo in Salt Lake City is this weekend. Then prepare them, she said sharply while rolling her eyes, and openly displaying her annoyance with him.

I want you to see to things until at least next week. Josephina watched him walk away, and she wondered what she would do if her brother never recovered because she was no rancher.

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She may have wanted to be at one time, but it was too late for that now. She was glad to see Esther, but she had forgotten how the woman would hug you so tightly that you could barely breathe. Josephina fought back her tears, as sadness stirred deep inside of her, I know, Esther. I know. Esther took a deep breath, pushing her feeling aside, I have your old room prepared for you.

She turned and walked through the large foyer to the spiral staircase. As she started up the stairs, she found herself counting each step the way she had as a child - all thirty-five of them. She then laughed, as she breathed out the last words of the song she had sung whenever she climbed them all those years ago. I will not be scared; the noise is only the squeaks from the stairs, she laughed to herself, remembering back at how the squeak of the stairs would frighten her. Feeling refreshed after her nap, Josephina decided to go down to the kitchen and find something to eat.

Once she had finished her meal, she went back to her room and called Evan to let him know she had arrived safely. She had just hung up the telephone when she noticed a soft whimpering coming from the other side of the bedroom door. She decided to see what it was and when she opened the door, she was surprised to see a beautiful black Labrador Retriever trot inside, wagging its tail, and softly whimpering.

Hi, fella, come on in.

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I could actually use the company, she smiled, petting the beautiful, black dog on the head. She was about to close the door when suddenly a little orange cat sauntered into the room. Well, look at you, Josephina laughed, as the cat brushes up against the dog, purring loudly. She bent down to pet them and noticed their nametags, Bo, and Sandy. Well hello, Bo and Sandy. Both animals wasted no time in jumping on her bed, and finding their place for the night. Josephina settled in the bed with Sandy purring in a low, mournful tone, and Bo nuzzled close to her face, softly whimpering.

She gently caressed each of them and said with sadness in her voice, I know, I miss them too. She felt sorry for the loyal pair because she could see the sorrow in their eyes. Goodnight, Josephina whispered, as she turned out the light. Josephina awoke the next morning to find her new friends still in bed with her. She smiled, as she patted them on the head. Josephina rolled over to look at the clock and realized it was still early because of the different time zone. She was getting out of bed when she heard a knock on the door, Who is it?

When Esther opened the door, the cat ran out. Good morning, Miss Josephina. How are you this morning? Do you have enough fresh towels? Esther asked as she walked toward the bed. Bo jumped from the bed and stretched as Esther placed a tray with a coffee cup and a small coffee carafe on the bedside table. Esther whispered to the dog, Bo, I should have known you and Sandy would find your way to Miss Josephina. I appreciated their company last night, Josephina said, as she walked to the mirrored dresser.

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Esther reached out and gently patted Bo on the head. The poor thing came back to the ranch hungry, wet, and cold. There was a tone of sadness in her voice. Josephina glanced down at the big, black dog. So, you were with him when he fell? Josephina rolled her eyes, as she looked back into the mirror. Once she had finished pinning her hair up into a bun, she slipped on her glasses. Josephina tried to hide her displeasure because of the need for her to return at this time, but Esther knew better. Josephina turned away from the dresser and walked toward the closet, absentmindedly looking through the clothes hanging there from the night before.

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She knew that Esther meant no harm, but this sentimental conversation was more than she could handle at the time. I only eat a small bowl of cereal and drink coffee for my breakfast. There is no need to prepare anything special for me.

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Josephina kept her back to Esther so as not to make eye contact. Yes, would you have a horse prepared for me? I want to take a ride before going to the hospital. After breakfast, Josephina walked to the stables where she found Steve standing next to a magnificent, dark brown mare; her regal poise gave her the appearance of sculpted marble.

Good morning, Mr. Morgan, Josephina responded politely. She gently rubbed the horse on the neck. Of course I remember how to ride! This action might not be possible to undo.

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