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Being required to oversee children who were mentally retarded she became convinced that these children could learn if given the proper tools. Dogs presenting all or some signs or symptoms characteristic of the disease ex lymph node enlargement, skin involvement, abnormal locomotion were considered clinically positive. After aspiration the content of the syringe was smeared on to a glass slide, fixed with methanol and stained with Giemsa for microscopical examination according to the technique described by Lanotte et al.

Foxes were subjected to histopathological examination. In 6 of the canine samples tested, weak positive titres were obtained with IFAT 1: Out of 19 dogs found positive in both tests, 9 had symptoms suggestive of leishmaniasis.

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The other 5 were parasitologically negative. The remaining 10, were parasitologically and clinically negative.

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Histopathological examination of the liver section in this fox showed no amastigote but a granuloma forming. The concordance between the two tests in all canine and vulpine samples studied was significant being Following further modifications in DAT procedures, sensitivity of DAT was significantly improved to monitor low antibody levels and prepatent infections in the human and the reservoir host Harith et al.

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Although the population studied here was rather small, the results obtained indicated a concordanceof Recent studies in Central Tunisia Ben Said et al. In the study reported here, all four parasitologically confirmed dogs with leishmaniasis were positive in both tests. The same holds for the other five dogs with typical clinical symptoms of the disease.

This phenomena was earlier pointed out by other scientists Lanotte et al. A comparatively high prevalence rate has been reported in a dog population in the south of France De Korte et al. Nevertheless, one should not eliminate the possibility of deteoration of serum or the fact of being in presence of one of the few "false positives" as demonstrated in an earlier study Zijlstra et al.

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As reported in previous studies using DAT and IFAT, significant positive results were obtained in 16 dogs having early or prepatent leishmaniasis Harith et al. How many slots does the nitro have for RAM? Whats a good brand to buy? Is it easy to install? Im pretty sure i can figure it out, im decent with computers and working with my hands. Best Answer.

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March Accepted Answer. Open the memory hatch at the back, insert the module at an angle and gently push down until the retainer clips click. Please don't click "Like" but click "Yes" for "Did this answer the question", if I resolve the problem.

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March Would something like this work? In the link it says its compatible with the acer nitro 5 an which is what i have but for some reason im still not sure. If this ram is compatible then can i install it along side my current ram? Sry for all of the questions i just want to make sure i get it right Or maybe this one?

Hi, Yes, both should work, but I would prefer Adamanta module, Amazon has a good return policy, so if it doesn't work you can always return it and get a replacement. Noash3 Posts: 5 Member New User. June Noash3 said:. September Can it handle another 16gb with the 8gb.

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October I have 4gb ram installed on my Acer Nitro 5 but i want to upgrade into 16gb ram, but I don't have enough budget for that, so my plan is I will buy 8gb ram to make it 12gb ram, Is this possible? Any Suggestions guys? I have acer nitro with IU, MX, 8gb ram and when i opened hatch There is only one 4gb ram stick without second slot. Next 4gb is integrated somewhere? Eucly Posts: 4 Member New User.

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October edited October Eucly said:. Gargamella Posts: 4 Member New User. November Ath Posts: 1 Member New User.