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By Rabbi Tirzah Firestone. By Betty Hicks. By Pamela S.

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By Pauline Ngure. By Milly Thill. By Lila Ridings Darnell.


By Eileen Erikson. Women's Studies. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower is Tasha Donahue's frank, revealing and outrageously entertaining memoir about rediscovering herself in the madcap, anything-goes environment of Paris.

Her marriage was long over, her love life vapid, her grown children endlessly exasperating. Together, with a fallen economy, it was enough to make Mother Teresa depressed. But she is no Mother Teresa. Her frank encounters regarding sex, the craziness of dating at mid-life and the bold honesty with which she approaches her life will captivate the reader. It introduces the benefits of nitric oxide and links pleasure with spirituality. Is there such a thing as too much fun? The author resolves to start anew.

By the time her adventures are over in Paris, she recaptures her femininity and finds her joie de vivre. Tasha fills her account with insight and humor. Behind it all is a poignant message for all women who are confronting emptiness and depression or suffering from imbalance in their lives. With courage and determination it is possible to restore the vitality and pizzazz that seem missing. Why merely survive when you can do more?

It is a great reading escape to be paired with a glass of fine wine and a fireplace! Discusses the radical, nineteenth-century social reformer in terms of her philosophical beliefs, and chronicles her rise to fame and influence in the abolitionist and women's rights movements.

Feminism is so last century.

Patricia Highsmith

Surely in today's world the idea is irrelevant and unfashionable? Since the turn of the millennium a new feminist movement has emerged to challenge these assumptions. Based on interviews with thousands of women, Reclaiming the F Word reveals the what, why and how of today's feminism, from cosmetic surgery to celebrity culture, from sex to singleness and in this new edition the effects of possibly the worst economic crisis ever.

A generation defining book demanding nothing less than freedom and equality, for all. In her first play, the now-classic, A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry introduced the lives of ordinary African Americans into the national theatrical repertory. In this book - which inspired a play that has been performed almost as often as 'Raisin' itself - Hansberry transformed her own life story into a work that has moved and inspired a generation of readers.

The book, assembled from her plays, essays, letters, drawings, and photographs, records a life of passionate engagement and spectacular accomplishment, following the author from her childhood in Chicago through her arrival in New York, to her death at the tragically early age of thirty-four. In a classic of women's studies and social reform, Sanger relates how witnessing the misery caused by unwanted pregnancies as a New York nurse motivated her international crusade for birth control as a basic right.

The book was originally published in , by W.

The renowned visionary and theorist challenges every female to courageously claim the search for love as the heroic journey we must all choose to be truly free. Hooks explores the ways ideas about women and love were changed by the feminist movement, by women's full participation in the workforce, and by the culture of self-help.

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Miracle Irreversible By Rene R. Magic, sexual tension, high comedy, and intense drama move through an enchanted yet harsh autobiography, in the story of a young girl who leaves Puerto Rico for New York's tenements and a chance for success. And Then. This book serves as the first nationwide empirical account of how gender affects political ambition. A history of Partition--the separation of India and Pakistan in from a personal and feminist perspective.

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  • Beginning with a look at the radical and grassroots history of the first wave with its foundation in the abolition movement of the time , Firestone documents its major victory, the granting of the vote to women in , and the fifty years of ridicule that followed. She goes on to deftly synthesize the work of Freud, Marx, de Beauvoir, and Engels to create a cogent argument for feminist revolution. Identifying women as a caste, she declares that they must seize the means of reproduction—for as long as women and only women are required to bear and rear children, they will be singled out as inferior.

    Ultimately she presents feminism as the key radical ideology, the missing link between Marx and Freud, uniting their visions of the political and the personal. All major periods are covered, beginning with Greece and Rome, continuing on to the Middle Ages, the American and French Revolutions, and finally to the modern era. Heater effectively argues that we cannot begin to understand our current conditions until we have an understanding of the initial idea of "the citizen" and how that idea has evolved over the centuries.

    Important topics covered include how citizenship differs from other forms of sociopolitical identity, the differences between nationality and citizenship, and how multiculturalism has changed our ideas of citizenship in the twenty-first century. This concise and readable book is an ideal introduction to the history of citizenship. A woman suffering from a complex brain disorder that causes her to lie compulsively takes readers inside her mind to explore the complexities of a constantly restless and deceived consciousness.

    Running steadily through the book is Vivian Gornick's exchange of more than twenty years with Leonard, a gay man who is sophisticated about his own unhappiness, whose friendship has "shed more light on the mysterious nature of ordinary human relations than has any other intimacy" she has known. The exchange between Gornick and Leonard acts as a Greek chorus to the main action of the narrator's continual engagement on the street with grocers, derelicts, and doormen; people on the bus, cross-dressers on the corner, and acquaintances by the handful.

    In Leonard she sees herself reflected plain; out on the street she makes sense of what she sees.


    Written as a narrative collage that includes meditative pieces on the making of a modern feminist, the role of the flaneur in urban literature, and the evolution of friendship over the past two centuries, The Odd Woman and the City beautifully bookends Gornick's acclaimed Fierce Attachments, in which we first encountered her rich relationship with the ultimate metropolis" A spectacular transformation in women's sports has occurred over the past century in colleges, high schools, and recreational leagues across the nation.

    Gradual changes during the late s and s within the fields of women's physical education and amateur sport provided the initial energy for this transformation.

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    • But it took the rebirth of a grassroots feminist movement in the late s and s to catalyze the radical changes in women's athletic opportunities and attitudes toward female athletes. The assimilation of feminist principles into the broader popular culture solidified the belief that sport plays a positive role in the lives of girls and women.

      The Autobiography of St. Thérèse of Lisieux

      Political activists for women's rights codified this attitude with the passage of Title IX of the Federal Education Amendments, a law banning gender discrimination in educational settings, thus guaranteeing women's legal right to an equitable share of athletic opportunities and resources. Though the sea change in American women's sports is evident in schools, the media, and local playing fields, scholars are still in the early stages of fully examining the causes and impacts of this historic change.

      Women and Sports in the United States brings together scholarly articles, journalism, political and legal documents, and first-person accounts that collectively explore women's sports in America, with emphasis on the post-Title IX era. This book was published with the generous support of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University.

      An inspirational account by the Academy Award- and Tony Award-winning actress discusses her complicated relationship with her mother, film and Broadway roles, and her ongoing search for personal and professional authenticity. Now That I Am Saved. What Next By D. Kelley Massoni has written the first cultural history of the origins of Seventeen and its role in shaping the modern teen girl ideal. Using content analysis, interviews, letters, oral histories, and promotional materials, Massoni is able to show how Seventeen helped create the modern concept of "teenager.

      Her telling of that story is irresistible-infused with energy and sparkling with insights about how the gender, class and race politics of the times get played out from the workplace to the market place to the pages of the magazine itself. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in gender and popular culture. More than that, it will entertain and enlighten anyone who used Seventeen as a model for how to be a real teenager.

      The discussion of the magazine and its advertising's impact on the ideas of teenagers and young women about beauty and fashion is both perceptive and highly alarming. In this incisive defense of a much-maligned genre, Nochimson demonstrates how soap opera validates an essentially feminine perspective, and responds to complex issues of women's desire and power. Even though soap opera commands a vast and loyal audience, it has been trivialized by the mainstream media and even libeled as a form of pornography designed to keep women in their place.

      In this incisive defense of a much-maligned genre, Martha Nochimson demonstrates how soap opera validates an essentially feminine perspective and responds to complex issues of women's desires and power by creating strong, active female characters. Drawing on psychoanalytic theory and feminist film criticism, Nochimson explores the ways in which soap opera has inverted the typical male-centered narrative characterized by a domineering, Oedipal father-son relationship that serves to control female energy. Instead, women in soap operas resist their stabilizing role in male hierarchies.