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One of the most important tips for storytelling is to keep it simple. You can have a simple talk over coffee, tea, or lunch. It could be when you go to the park with your kids and you and your grandmother sit on the bench together while the kids play. What a great time to talk about her childhood! That will make the next part of the conversation a little more impactful, more emotional.

Give her a chance to answer some fun questions first and the harder ones will come. If you need some help with more tips for storytelling, I have a wonderful course.

Tips for Storytelling: How to Get Grandma to Talk

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Sometimes, There’s a Real Reason Grandma Won’t Talk

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The Wonky Donkey - Scottish laughing Grandma! (from UNILAD)

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Watch: “I laughed at my Grandma’s Funeral”, Real Stories of People Who Suffer the JOKER Disease

You've already used that name. Create Laughing grandma. Add to cart. Rare find — there's only 1 of these in stock. Item details Handmade. This isn't a made to order painting. I did this of my grandma laughing. I did in gray tones. It is a classy additive to a home.

The Healthy Benefits of Laughter - Ripped

I can do they same for your family or pet. Also, can do paintings of your home. This is made to order and also differs per difficulty and amount of subjects in painting. Learn more about this item. Made just for you. Then God told her to look up at the mountaintop. When she did she said all she saw was rock and a little snow.

Then God told her that the valley is where we grow and where we become stronger and the people that we are meant to be. She told me that once she realized that, she never saw another valley in her life the same way. She knew that every time she experienced a valley it was making her stronger. Grandma is proof of that, and all of us can be too.

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Grandma was a giver by nature. She gave in so many ways. She gave financially to her church, to worthy causes, and to her family. She gave advice, humor, and love. She was generous in so many ways.

She told me once that she had to be generous. She said that the Lord had been so good to her and He had given her so much that she had no choice but to be generous to others. It was her way of giving back all of the blessings that she had been given. The one thing that she was always generous with was her time.

I think we all were recipients of that gift. I know that I was. She always had time for me, and she never made me feel like I was a burden. She would always come up with ways for us to spend time together. One of her ideas resulted in a thirty year tradition. That tradition was for her and me to make bon-bons together every Christmas.

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I remember when she asked me to help her make bon-bons for the first time. I was twelve years old, and she was fifty-nine. She told me she was getting old and needed help with the work. Thinking about it now, I believe that was just an excuse. She felt like we needed to spend time together, and I am so thankful that she chose me. I am not sure why she asked me when she could have asked anyone, but she asked me and I will be grateful for that for as long as I live. It was during those times that we made bon-bons together that she would tell me all the stories that I now hold onto.

It was during those times that we would laugh and share our lives with each other. It was during those times that we would talk about the good times and the hard times. It was during those times that we formed a bond that even death can never come between. Grandma and I always had a special bond. We were kindred spirits.

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I know people use that phrase a lot, but we truly were. Actually we still are. Because we share the same spirit, and no one can ever be separated from their spirit.