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Olivia is glad he is on her side. As Olivia prepares for a journey deep into the woods of Veil where Kieran's kingdom, Viperus, thrives on tangled chaos and wild danger, she must find the Star of Poison. But she isn't alone, and no matter the cost, Olivia is determined to save her dragons. The scorned witch, Tianna, can kiss her ass. Four dragons. One headstrong heroine. And a reverse-harem fantasy romance that could change the fate of a dying race. Prepare for a unique spin on the lore you love - and an adventure that is as thrilling as it is unexpected.

Neutral Curse of the Gods , book 4. Weil Availability: Amazon. In present day Mystic Falls, Elena goes to Katherine in the tomb in seek of information. She trades Katherine blood for answering her questions.

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Katherine reveals that she was kicked out of Bulgaria at which time she went to England and met Klaus who knew she was the Petrova doppelganger. When Katherine finds out the truth about Klaus she runs away. It is revealed Klaus wanted to do to Katherine the same thing he wants to do to Elena, sacrifice her to break the curse.

Damon and Rose go to visit her friend Slater to try to get a message to Klaus. Elijah stands outside where they meet and listens to the conversation then breaks the front glass window to shake everyone up. Back at the tomb, we learn when Katherine was saved by Trevor, he took her to Rose who fed Katherine her blood to heal her. Katherine then hangs herself to become a vampire so Klaus cannot sacrifice her.

She then tells Elena the reason she is in Mystic Falls is to give the moonstone to Klaus in exchange for his forgiveness so he can complete the ritual which requires a vampire, a werewolf, the doppelganger and the moonstone. Bonnie meets 2 warlocks, Luka and his father Dr.

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Martin and enjoys having someone to talk to who shares her gift. We then learn Luka and his father are working for Elijah.


Caroline tells Tyler she is a vampire. Stefan and Bonnie hatch a plan to open the tomb and cripple Katherine so Stefan can go in and get the moonstone.

When Jeremy hears this, he decides to go try to get it himself. Upon entering the tomb, Katherine takes Jeremy and feeds on him. In an attempt to save Jeremy, Stefan enters the tomb and pushes him out, however, he traps himself in by doing so because vampires cannot exit the tomb. Elena and Rose go to find Slater to ask him questions, however, they find him staked in his apartment.

They then use his computer to look for information. With that information Elena calls someone to tell her she is ready to turn herself over to Klaus. Elijah shows up to make sure she is safe and that she will stay safe. In anticipation of the forthcoming full moon, Caroline and Tyler find a video and diary that Mason kept of his transformation into a werewolf. At the grill, Alaric and Damon try to trick her into having a drink with wolfsbane in it.

With the full moon approaching rapidly, Caroline and Tyler work together to prepare Tyler for the transformation. Katherine tells Stefan he needs to talk to Isobel is order to find Klaus. The full moon arrives and both Tyler and Jules transition. She lunges at damon but misses him and bites Rose instead. Damon tries to get Jules to tell him how to kill a werewolf bite in order to keep Rose from dying. Damon has Elena keep an eye on Rose, who becomes delirious and mistakes Elena for Katherine and tries to kill her and ends up leaving the house.

Stefan tries to contact Isobel and gets ahold of John Gilbert instead, who then decides to come back to Mystic Falls. Matt and Tyler both kiss Caroline to let her know how they each feel about her.

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Damon finds Rose in a parking lot after she goes on a killing spree and ends up staking her to end her suffering. Jules tells Tyler she knows he and Mason are werewolves and that there are more werewolves currently en route to Mystic Falls. Tyler becomes aware that his Uncle Mason is dead and Caroline lied to him about it. Caroline attempts to reconcile with Tyler by having Stefan talk to him. Jules takes Caroline hostage and will only let her go in exchange for Tyler. When Stefan, Damon and Alaric show up, they are outnumbered by werewolves.

Though they manage to kill most of them, they end up at a disadvantage. Jonas then shows up and incapacitates all the werewolves as part of his promise to keep Elena and all of her friends safe. He tells the werewolves to leave town.


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John claims he is back to protect Elena and has a way to kill an Original vampire: a dagger dipped in ash from a white oak tree that is as old as the original family. It is then revealed he is still working with Katherine and attempting to free her from the tomb. Jules and her boyfriend explain the sun and the moon curse to Tyler and convince him to help them.

Bonnie tells Caroline about a plan that she has to get information out of Luka. At the grill, they sedate him and Bonnie puts him in a state of trance and begins asking him questions. He reveals he and his father are working with Elijah to kill Klaus because Klaus has his sister. They plan to kill him directly after the sacrifice, after Elena dies.

He and Brady then follow them to the lakehouse. Stefan is shot with a wooden bullet and taken hostage by the werewolves. When Tyler learns they are planning on killing Elena, he lets Stefan go. Jules and Tyler leave town. Damon holds a dinner party at the boarding house with himself, Alaric, John Gilbert and Elijah. Damon is planning to dagger Elijah at this party. Elena is reading her ancestors journals and discovers if a vampire uses the dagger on another vampire, they will both die. Alaric ends up stabbing Elijah, only for the body to disappear.

Elijah then shows up at the lakehouse to let Elena know their arrangement is off. She tells Elijah she will kill herself and become a vampire so she is no longer of any use to him. She stabs herself and he begs her to let him heal her, she says yes but ends up daggering him again. Because Elijah is dead, his compulsion no longer affects Katherine and she is free from the tomb.

Stefan and Bonnie attempt to get Luka and Jonas to work with them, but Jonas wants Elijah undaggered. Jonas and Luka do a spell to send a spirit of Luka into the Salvatore house to undagger Elijah. Once inside, Katherine stops him but he stakes her. Damon then finds Katherine and uses a flamethrower to burn Luka. The burns kill Luka and Jonas then swears revenge by killing Elena. At the grill, Jonas shows up looking for Elena, Bonnie tries to stop him but he takes her powers away from her.

Matt is wounded so Caroline feeds him her blood to heal him. She bites and kills him, however, he gives Bonnie her powers back first. Damon, Jeremy and Bonnie work together to try to find the spell that will allow Bonnie to channel all the power from the dead witches. Damon takes them to the spot where the witches were burned. Caroline tells Matt everything about the supernatural being of Mystic Falls. He then asks her to compel him to forget, after she does it is revealed he is working with the sheriff and has been drinking vervaine so he still knows everything which he in turn tells Sheriff Forbes.

Isobel kidnaps Elena, and when she is told her part is done in the plan, she removes her daylight necklace and burns in the sun.