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She tells big lies that hurt people, especially about myself. She is out of my life for good or until she agrees to get help. He lies about stupid things such as my aunt called me or my sister called. While no one had called him. He even creates stories to entertain me with. He makes up a long story and try to make it real. At the end I check his phone to find out that no one had called him.

The most recent ones have been about finances. Would it be normal for me, if I suffered from this, to be aware of this. I think I may suffer from this and it has ruined my life. I lie about everything, without meaning to. I have to keep it up, almost like a second life. However, it is not too late to stop lying to yourself. At least then internally you are not a lie, even if externally other peoples perception of you is somewhat false. The worst thing that can happen is that you believe your own lies. Another trick I use when the urge to lie comes is to breath. Deeply in and out.

And with the out breath expel the lie. I think i also suffer from this disorder, i am a teenager but i always let my imaginations run wild, i tell people things i imagine and thats how it goes on and on every passing day. I also keep imaginary friends, anybody who is doing that also?

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Thank you John for the help. I suffer from this and I am aware of it. I realize that my lying negatively affects those around me, also it Hurst my personal and work relationships. Its just that I do it subconsciously, almost like second nature or instinct. I think that I really need help but I dont know where to go to get it. I am able to tell the truth sometimes but I have to make a conscious effort to do so. Its not even big things that I lie about its little stuff that doesnt even matter half the time.

I really want to stop but for some reason I cant. I also live with this. It took an entire life change to finally adjust to living with it. Take a minute before you speak. Ask a stranger something arbitrary, and unimportant, fight the urge to respond with a lie. If you can not, try, try again.

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I think this is the first step…. Find work that doesnt have human interaction. I became a trucker.

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I wish you luck. If you are ever in need of a friend who understands…..

Hafsah, I wanted to answer your question about you having imaginary friends and it lead into why I am on the site. Hope it helps. When I was in high school I started thinking about how interesting it would be to talk to characters from tv and books instead of real people.

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I spent 16 years constantly wishing they were real. The thoughts stopped when I met my friend 8 months ago. And it turns out he is a compulsive liar.

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Which is why I am here. I am not sure how long he has had this problem but I suspect he learned from his mentor and they have been lying so long it a normal thing. While my friend admits that his mentor is untrustworthy and that neither one of us should tell his mentor that we know what he has doing. The 3 of us are moving into a house together. His mentor knew about more unhealthy relationships I have had in the past and then present.

My friend said knew what his mentor was doing could emotionally damaging and he tell him to stop making me closer to him. Currently I am living with my friend and we are moving in with this other man in a month. She saw me as a daughter who had been neglected and abused to the point of being suicidal. And I was inspirational because I not only survived but I am still an incredibly nice person who deserves to be protected from bad people who take advance of my kindness. But she wanted to kill him when she found out he owes me money.

Then she threatened all three of us if I talked to them. I told him somethings about how bad his mentor was but he blew me off. I am the only one in his life that not all knows the part of him that he hides from others, but also cares enough to help him by actually asking him what he wants out of life and not expecting money, sex, or constant attention from him in return. I would still prefer to be with him even if the good and bad people who claimed love to me were part of my life. Because he is at least trying to work on our relationship.

He is trying to do the same thing for me that I am trying to for him. Sorry that this turned more into a rant. I feel the same why. I felt the same way.


I though I was never going to be able to come clean. I told my parents and everyone around me that I was going to school and created this false story that I even believed. I thought of killing myself before telling the truth. Just wondering if anyone has any insight? Hello… I am a 51 year old man, and I struggled with this my entire life.

Lies not meant to cover up something, or about really important things, but rather to paint a rosy picture… Is that you? Not trying to hurt anyone, not even trying to better yourself, just trying to get comfortable being you. Stress, mockery, shaming, outing, and abandonment are all the first responses. Mistrust, ignoring, and cast away are right behind. New state, New friends, everything… Stumbled a lot, fell down a bunch too, but I kept trying.

Start slowly… ask a total stranger something you already know. Listen and watch… You will soon see that you are not alone.