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Still working on fine tuning all the details but I can say that MPT is very close to a finished product. TQ over Ford advertised performance numbers.

When Cobb releases their trans tuning sometime in the future I would consider them the "best". The inclusion of the Ford F performance chip will gain an increase in the horsepower. The details on the truck in action in the video above are slim, but there are a few things that we know for sure.

Ford performance and tuning specialists. OP, put the reefer down and do more research please. Lund Racing has set the standard in performance Ford tuning for many years an will continue to do so for years. Hypertech Max Energy 2. From all the reviews I'm reading about the PR-X it seems as though it can be a good DD tune with lots of power down low and ridiculous boost up top.

MPT was a pioneer for tuning the Ecoboost F Headers shorty for me, longtubes with CAT deletes give good gains though 5.

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Keep those intake air temps down! Tuning that offers more horsepower and torque for your Ford Raptor Ecoboost, Ford F Ecoboost, or Ford Ranger Ecoboost, showing you the power that it should have come directly from Ford with. This tune features the same benefits as PR-X tune but MPT makes sure the transmission setup is very mild for the F owners that like the feeling of the stock shifts.

This tune features the same benefits as Performance Tow Tune but MPT makes sure the transmission setup is very mild for the F owners that like the feeling of the stock shifts. F Ecoboost Towing.

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I love how they took a stock Ford promo photo and photoshopped a banner on the windshield. F Ecoboost Purchasing Hey everyone, this is my first post and I'm also about to purchase my first truck. Full exhaust aftermarket GT exhaust as there are more options 6. Performance Tune. Yet I still hear stuff like- "will that fancy-pants tech really last? When Ford came out with the EcoBoost turbocharged V6 engine it knew what it was doing. While you're tuning and getting the hang of it from that end of things you IC will be fine based on your current setup and numbers, but once you start going hard into your numbers and upping the boost you are probably going to have to do an upgrade to IC.

You will receive outstanding performance from all our name brand products that large companies provide but with the personal touch and attention of a small business.

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They wanted to sell me some parts to fix it and that didnt sit well with me. Get the tuner, but when you pick out your "custom" tunes from MPT you might want to pick, at least one, with full traction control and stock shift.

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Information and videos to load a custom tune. Currently there only seem to be the Ngauge for Expy, I wish there are more options out there like the F's market.

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  • Improve the 3. The off idle throttle response and higher boost through the rev range make this truck drive like a sports car. Even though the F has the capability to haul, tow and work off-road, many F drivers are simply using their trucks for everyday driving and occasional trips to their local…. Wagner Tuning dropped off this amazing 3. Brent Marsters — I have been tuning my F 3.

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    Join our Ecoboost owners' community, enjoy up. See a huge bump in performance without having to crack open your engine, thanks to MPT F Tuning kits. That diablosport "canned" tune won't come close. Optimize the performance of your truck with our wide range of F EcoBoost tuners and unleash the hidden horsepower and torque underneath your stock engine. Turbosmart F BOV installation video. Custom tuning is one of the most cost-effective, bang-for-your-buck performance mods that you can make to your awesome EcoBoost F, and More Power Tuning known to their friends as MPT has been one of the leaders in F EcoBoost custom tuning for years.

    Ford F 3. Store Page.

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    It's an ambitious project that welcomes all lovers of the automotive tuning scene and avid fans of racing. Visit the Store Page. Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Learn more. Most popular community and official content for the past week. New items in catalog.

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